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The barbell saved my life, and it can save yours too.

Powerlifting gave me the community, the purpose, and the family  I'd been searching for as long as I could remember.

When I was younger, I thought I'd never find a community to call my own. I tried every hobby and sport under the sun. Nothing ever clicked for me. Everything I tried felt like taking a shot in the dark.

Like so many others, I thought "fitness" meant surviving on black coffee, water, and a handful of carrot sticks every now and then. I thought "health" was running until I passed out. It's no wonder I struggled with self harm and depression. Nor is it a surprise I'd eventually try to end my life when I was just 17. That's the life that the endless pursuit of impossible expectations had brought me.

But then came a day at the gym where I saw my two best friends slapping hands and slamming weights. Doing some sport called powerlifting, where the goal is to test your limits in strength and tenacity. It felt like my life had restarted and been repurposed the first time I got that barbell in my hands.

The barbell was always there, through hardships, break ups, ramen-eating nursing school days, and the rest. And now, there’s nothing I love more than helping others discover the same strength in the barbell that I did.


Meet The Coaches

James Gegenheimer
Registered Dietitian

James Gegenheimer

James is a jiujiteiro, doctoral student, researcher, and educator. His mission is to make weight cutting and combat sports as safe as possible for all participants while maximizing performance.

Luke Pelton
Powerlifting Coach

Luke Pelton

Luke is a 30-year old powerlifting coach, doctoral student, researcher, and educator from Hartford, CT. His professional mission is to coach, educate, and conduct research with iron sports athletes such as powerlifters, bodybuilders, and strongmen.

Noah Williams
Bodybuilding Coach

Noah Williams

Noah started his journey into the bodybuilding and fitness world as a 250lb, overweight 15-year-old who only sat in his room playing video games. Fast forward to nine months later; he had lost close to 100lbs and was eager to learn everything he could about training and nutrition to begin helping others change their lives in the way that his had been changed. Noah has been living this mission 10 + years later.

The Podcast

Figuring it out

This is some text inside of a Figuring it Out (FIO) with Maddy Forberg is a podcast dedicated to helping you navigate the difficult parts of life. Whether it’s understanding mental illness, how the F*CK to do taxes, or how to confront toxicity- we want to approach the challenging parts of life and figure it out together.

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