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Strong For Life Co. works to provide practical, researched based training and nutrition knowledge to individuals who are passionate about their goals. We don’t believe in cookie cutter programs, we always prioritize an individualized approach to ensure your success. The SFLCO team works relentlessly to spread information on health, mental health, strength training, and Figuring it Out. We understand that feeling strong isn't just in a single a moment, being strong is for life.

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1-on-1 Direction

The best results happen with personalized plans and an experienced coach in your corner. Whether you want to gain strength and improve technique, build your physique, or learn how to improve your nutrition habits. our highly educated and passionate coaches have you covered.

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Legs like a MF

12-Week Program

This program is 12 weeks long and is backed by science and paired with my own personal experience in building tree trunks for legs.

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Built like a MF

Weekly Workouts

Get Warm-Ups and daily strength and hypertrophy training with 2 built-in rest days each week. Training is designed to be completed within 60 minutes too.

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Client Testimonials

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"I gained over 150 lbs on my powerlifting total and can confidently say I am a better trainer now because of it."

One on one coaching from Maddy is more than worth the investment. She was helpful and checked in every week while also accommodating to my schedule and needs. As a personal trainer myself, I took this as an opportunity to not only become stronger, but more knowledgeable in my approach with my own clients.  After over a year of trusting my programming to her, I gained over 150lbs on my powerlifting total and can confidently say I am a better trainer now because of it.

Jake B.
member since may 2018
"Maddy's taught me a lot more than how to lift a barbell. That's not something you can get just anywhere."

I’ve worked with Maddy for almost two years now. I’ve had two other coaches before her and never felt like anything had really clicked. Once I graduated college I wanted to continue my powerlifting but felt so unmotivated after having such a terrible experience with different coaches. I had a few calls with her before I signed up to ease my hesitations. She addressed my concerns and made me feel supported to start. I’ve competed twice with her and have added 15kg to my squat, 10kg to my bench, and 25kg to my deadlift in the first few months once she helped me figure out huge technique issues. She’s been great. 15/10 recommend. -Curtis

Curtis W.
member since march 2018
Woman squatting with barbell
Fit woman standing with arms crossed
"I used to think I'd never set foot in a weight room. Now? It's like I'm completely in my element."

I trained with Luke for about 2 years and in that time, I became a better lifter than I thought possible. I couldn't have asked for a better powerlifting coach. His outlook on what I could accomplish as a powerlifter was so positive and motivating. The programs he designed were always individualized and helped me reach whatever goals I had. I really appreciated how he was always willing to take time outside of the gym to answer questions, find solutions, and give feedback. I was able to address a lot of issues early on because of Luke's attention to detail, and that set me up for success in the future. With Luke as my coach, I wasn't just improving my lifts, I was also learning more all the time about exercise and the training process. I'm really grateful for the doors Luke has opened for me as an athlete..

Noelle A,
Member since January 2022

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